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Message from the Director

Dr. Cameron Ricks
UC Irvine Health Communications
Cameron Ricks, MD
Director of Medical Education
Simulation Center

Simulation is playing an ever increasing role in the training and maintenance of certification of the healthcare profession world-wide. This educational modality provides a uniquely deliberative and repetitive opportunity to practice skills while offering immediate feedback to the learner for the development of techniques performance to a predetermined proficiency level.

Simulation also allows the trainee to explore all possible outcomes and potential errors or complications related to that procedure or technique. This can all be provided in a risk-free environment away from the patient and has been shown to reduce the training time for complex medical and surgical skills.

As such, the educational activity can be entirely learner-centered, rather than teaching added to a primarily patient-centered event, which ultimately benefits both the learner and the patient. This training can be directed at very specific skills training, or more extensive task training, to entire procedural training and more recently, the training of high reliability teams such as those in the operating room, intensive care unit and emergency room.

The University of California, Irvine Medical Education Simulation Center is a 3,000 square foot dedicated, state-of-the-art simulation facility which opened in June of 2010. The Simulation Center consists of a multi-disciplinary critical care area that can be utilized to simulate an emergency department trauma bay, full scale operating room, critical care unit or patient ward.

Video recording and teleconferencing world-wide provides unique capabilities for global teaching of medical students, residents, fellows, practicing physicians and surgeons, nursing students and EMS personnel. With five high-fidelity adult mannequins, three high-fidelity pediatric simulators, and five ACLS mannequins including Laerdal and METI patient simulators, this facility offers the ability to provide a wide range of skills training for medical personnel.

In addition, task trainers with ultrasound capability provide the opportunity for teaching the latest in diagnostic and therapeutic skills training. This unique Simulation Center is allowing UC Irvine to become a national leader in simulation-based medical education for medical students and residents, in addition to providing CME programs for community physicians, nurses, paramedics, fire fighters, and the public. The training of critical care healthcare teams is also a focus of this center’s educational programs and provides the opportunity for some unique research in simulation-based education and resultant patient safety.

We invite you to visit our unique Simulation Center and review the educational opportunities we can offer through our Clinical Skills Center, Simulation Center, multiple small group teaching rooms, televideo conferencing theatre, and new offices including the CME office suite. We invite healthcare professionals of Orange County to utilize this innovative and comprehensive Simulation Center, and its wide range of educational opportunities, to learn well and provide better and safer medical attention to all the patients of this area.